Guru Teg Bahadur College, Bhawanigarh

(Govt Aided College)

Affiliated to Punjabi University, Patiala

Principal Message

Principal Message

Prof. PadamPreet Kaur Ghuman

I/C Principal

We express profound gratitude to the revered Guru Teg Bahadur Singh ji for his benevolent blessings and significant contributions in the realm of education. The beginning of outstanding initiatives depends upon a steadfast dedication to the forthcoming prospective. Guru Tegh Bahadur College, Bhawanigarh (Sangrur) was created with a firm dedication to the pursuit of excellence in the realm of Education. The phenomenon of globalization necessitates an analysis of our approach to higher education. Providing such an education would involve the transmission of knowledge and the cultivation of skills among students, enabling them to enhance their physical, mental, social, cultural, and civic capacities to their maximum potential, thereby equipping them with the confidence to effectively engage and collaborate in various environments or circumstances. In order to effectively serve as catalysts for societal progress, individuals must possess the requisite interdisciplinary mindsets. The ability of independence, creativity, self-reliance, and self-criticism is considered fundamental. It is imperative for individuals to actively participate in the decision-making processes pertaining to the governance of the nation


In order to do this, it is imperative that higher education incorporates not just the acquisition of knowledge, but also the development of self-awareness and the cultivation of practical skills. Assuming the aforementioned basis, the responsibility of a higher education institution becomes somewhat challenging, emphasizing the necessity for students to receive a comprehensive and high-caliber education during their formative years. The activities conducted at Guru Tegh Bahadur College, Bhawanigarh, Sangrur are characterised by a participative approach, which aims to diminish students’ inhibitions and foster their awareness of their own learning capabilities. The institute tries to provide its stakeholders with the requisite information and favourable attitudes. It fosters a conducive environment for the acquisition of spiritual qualities and effective communication skills. The institution attempts to adapt to the dynamic global landscape by offering optimal resources to both students and educators, with the aim of fostering their professional success. There is a significant focus placed on co-curricular activities, moral principles, and social service in order to promote social transformation and foster a sense of global citizenship. Guru Tegh Bahadur College, located in Bhawanigarh, serves as a dynamic educational institution that upholds a guiding principle of integrating knowledge, applying knowledge, and disseminating knowledge in order to have an integrated impact.


I extend my sincerest wishes for the utmost success, peace and prosperous lives to all individuals who actively engage in the honourable endeavour of disseminating education and its fundamental attributes, purposes, and aspirations.